Lake Kyle has been known to hold some of the biggest Bass in the country, with the best fishing spots located right in front of Romelda, or in both the Popteke and Mutirikwe rivers not far from the lodge.

Along with 20 odd other species of fish found in the lake you can spend your mornings and or afternoons tackling the best catch!

Romelda has 2 boats (enquire for availability)

Our "Dory" can take 2-4 people for a meander around the point and the nearby bays to try your luck at fishing and "Vamoz" our pontoon can carry your group to the bays for game-viewing, sundowners or to see the dam wall. 


On the lake and up in the mountains, you can find a magnificent selection of the birds of Southern Africa, lookout for some of the "lesser-spotted" species but also have a chance of great sightings of the more common winged friends. 

From the lodge, you are able to spot the various kingfishers that fish in the shallow shores. The cliffs within the Popoteke River inhabit Peregrin Falcons which occasionally come towards Romelda, but can be spotted during a boat cruise up the river. 


The Kyle Recreational Park is bordered by the lake and mountains and starts opposite Romelda, where we get occasional sightings of Buffalo, Impala and Kudu. 

The park is home to an array of mammals, mostly plains game but there is also Zimbabwe's most successful wild Rhino breeding programme. Commonly spotted on the lakeside are Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe and Warthogs - keep an eye out for the Rhino too, they are sometimes disguised by rocks, but more than likely enjoying grazing or wallowing right on the foreshore. 



The Glenlivet Mountains have some beautiful hiking (and mountain biking) trails through a truly unique microclimate. With expansive views of the lake and rivers below you, the walks can be challenging, but very rewarding.

During the stink bug season (April - September) there is a cultural and scenic walk up to one of the villages where they collect the insects en mass!


With so much historical background in the area, you can also find a variety of other hikes to see some of the old bushman paintings on the rocks or ruins left by ancestors before us. 


Located about 50km from Romelda are the historical Great Zimbabwe Ruins. The round trip will take you about  3 hours - for a one hour visit at the heritage site.


Going over the back of Glenlivet, Murray MacDougall Drive has stunning panoramic scenes of the lake and the mountains, visit the St Andrews chapel which was built around the same era, cute and quirky with a glorious view! 

You can return to the lodge via Masvingo town, they don't call it "Mas Vegas" for nothing...

Great Zimbabwe-Aug17 Masvingo.jpg


Engineered and built in the early 1960's, the Kyle Dam Wall holds over 1,375 million cubic metres of water, Zimbabwe's third-largest lake. With a surface area of over 90,000ha and shoreline circumference of 240km.


The dam wall is important to the area as it controls the water being provided to the Lowveld from its gates. At 63 metres tall and a base of 7 metres thick you can get close by on the boat for an interesting perspective of the enormity of the construction or take a drive over it, on the Murray MacDougall Road. 


Directly opposite the lodge is the confluence of the Popoteke and Mturikwi Rivers. The Popoteke is one of the recognised Crocodile breeding sites in Zimbabwe and there are plenty of giant lizards to prove it! 

Whilst not all our favourite animals, these reptiles are surprisingly docile and unperturbed by the boats so you have an opportunity to get close to large groups basking on the banks, especially between May and November.

Fishing and birdwatching on the Popoteke are both very good and easy to get to from the lodge.